Composer in Windows and Symfony

As defined in Composer site – “Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and it will manage (install/update) them for you.” Composer requires PHP 5.3.2+ to run. Am considering that XAMPP is already installed in your computer as was for my case. The […]

Magento Database Optimization

Optimize Magento Database

Got a shock when you saw an old Magento Database with only hundred  products but 1 GB size?? Stop worrying. The client has forgot to set up the log clean crons or used so many cache extension that log clean up has stopped working. You need to optimize magento database. In order to clean up […]

Drupal 7 Node Type Based Custom Template

In many cases of theming in Drupal we may may need a different set of header and footer. We can achieve this by writing a couple of lines in template.php for your current Drupal theme. Code snippet for Drupal 7 node type based custom template.

Drupal 7 Redirect after First and Later Login

Drupal 7 Redirect after First and Later Login

In many cases you may need to take in extra information from user and display some type of graph after registration which cannot be fulfilled by adding extra fields within the form. In other way we can redirect to a second page containing your required form. In your module you need to write the following code […]

Array functions in PHP 5

PHP 5 Array Functions – Extremely Useful if Known

Many people have heard about PHP 5, but how much they have applied in their real life is my question. Today I am here to explain some array functions. These array functions are very much useful and will help you handle arrays very easily : 1 ) array_combine In many cases we need to get state […]

Increase Website Speed

Increase Website Speed with Some Basic Steps

Today with growing competition everybody is developing sites and its of utmost importance to optimize site with respect to speed. Many sites say that one second will lead to seven percent conversion rate loss. So every second is crucial. Well initially when I started my career with PHP I used to think that beautiful looking […]